How to Maintain a Great looking Hair – Permanent Hair Straightening

Let's call it as it is; we were not all born with great hair. We start tucking and pulling and manipulating it at an early age – in the name of fashion. Rollers, blow drys, flat irons, colors… we don't let the hair be. As we grow we resort to products to keep our hair looking its best and when we can, we invest in a good haircut and keep up the trims so the hair always looks good.

That takes time. Time and money. If you are a typical American woman in this day and age, you are in short supply of both. So here’s a short refresher from the obvious to the new:

Scalp – Underneath al the hair, the scalp needs a little attention. The hair follicles are influenced by the health of the skin and the blood flow to the scalp. Fatty alcohols (such as stearyl, cetyl and myristyl) are moisturizing. The other alcohols (such as alcohol denat, ethanol, propanol and isopropyl) are drying. If you have dry hair avoid them.

Shampoo – The rule of thumb of washing your hair is… there isn’t one. You should wash your hair when it needs washing, i.e. when it doesn’t feel the best anymore, usually within 2 or 3 days. In the old days they could hide an oily hair in the ‘beehive’ hairdos. Not anymore. A good looking hair is healthy, shiny and free flowing.

Brush morning and night – Especially if you have dry hair. Brushing removes dust, stimulates the scalp, and increases blood flow. It also distributes the oils from the scalp to the rest of the hair.

Styling the hair – When the hair is wet it is at its weakest. Avoid brushing long hair when the hair is very wet. Blot your hair with a towel first, don’t rub. Run a wide toothed comb through the hair.

Sun protection – If you plan on staying in the sun for many hours, protect your hair.

Treatment – After years of hair products and heat manipulation your hair might be dry and in need of a stronger remedy. One of the best dry hair remedies is a keratin treatment. The process, which can be done at home, is a permanent hair straightening solution that is not very complicated and the results are great. The hair becomes smooth to the touch and shiny, when the keratin bonds with the hair and forms a complete, smooth and shiny outer layer on each and every hair strand. One treatment last through many shampoos and setting your hair becomes a breeze. Those treatments come under many names and most include formaldehyde.

Despite recent publications on the subject, the amount of formaldehyde you will come in contact with is very minimal. The Health Warnings were about salon workers exposed to the chemical on a daily basis. However there are formaldehyde free keratin treatments which will not add any unnecessary health risks. When in dire need, it can be done at night, after the kids went to sleep and while you answer e mails between stages. It will cut the getting ready time every morning as well. An easier and quicker way to maintain a great looking hair. Try now K+ Frizz Control


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I have to admit, when I first heard about K+ Frizz Control I thought it was just another cheap, keratin “knock-off”. Not believing this product would live up to its claims. I'm glad I was wrong, because now I have way more manageable hair, without the frizz (and stinky formaldehyde). - Christie Ramos  

I'm so happy I found an option to control my frizz without using harsh chemicals on my hair. I loved the intense conditioner and how it made my hair very soft. The product made my hair soft without leaving it oily. I would recommend this product to other women, especially with my hair type! - Maria Ventura-Duque  

"This treatment rocks! My hair normally dries up with plenty of frizz, and it's always wavy... I would HIGHLY recommend this to everyone I did it right before my wedding and it lasted months after my honeymoon!" - Natalie Alvarez