Want to Keep your Hair Straight and shiny? Try Liquid Keratin Treatment

Oh what we women won’t do to look the way we think we should look! We squeeze our toes into pointy shoes. Hell, we walk on our toes in 12 inch heels so we can appear taller and slimmer. We squeeze into tight jeans and hide the ‘muffin top’ that’s created when the pants meet the skin. We pull and tuck, inject and paralyze our faces, and we iron our hair.

What a price to pay for vanity.

But sometimes science comes up with shortcuts. No, we still can’t make people taller but we can make them thinner. We can’t turn back the clock but we found ways to make it appear as if we did. And we found ways to have our hair do what we want it to do, even for a limited period of time.

Women who have straight hair and hate it can use roller to curl their hair. If they want it to last for a long time they perm their hair and subject it to harsh chemicals and heat – but the results are worth it. Permed hair will stay curly for a long time. Not always in the size of curls we had in mind, but curly just the same.

To keep our hair straight we also use curlers and heat and brushes and flat irons. It doesn’t last for very long, so the next time we want to wash our hair we will have to go through this process all over again. Very time consuming and inefficient. Not to mention that we have to watch out for moisture and water. Just a few drops and the hair gets its ‘bounce’ back.

These days there is a way to save time, money and aggravation. As much as there are ways to curl the hair, there is an efficient way to make straight hair last. It’s called liquid keratin treatment. It is a protein, modern science tells us, that help bond other substances together and plug holes. It exists in the outer layer of our skin, in our nails and in our hair. Keratin treatment, which comes under other names as well; Brazilian keratin treatment, keratin complex and Brazilian blowout. The formaldehyde in these products softens and align the sulfur bonds of the hair, which under the influence of heat (Flat iron) keep them aligned and straight for up to 60-90 days.

The process is fairly simple: the hair is washed with clarifying shampoo to remove chemical buildup from years of using hair products. After that the hair is dried and the liquid keratin is applied and combed in so it will reach every single strand of hair. About 30 minutes later, depending on the brand you use, the hair is blow dried again and straightened with a flat iron. Basically the same process as we go through following a wash.

But – No more fear of moisture. The hair is completely oblivious to the elements because it is protected, hair by hair, by the keratin that was sealed into the hair with heat.

Following the hair straightening , washing the hair becomes a breeze in the morning. You can go out with wet hair and it will not frizz or become unruly. You keep your hair straight and shiny for 10-12 weeks at a time.

Now, that is an efficient use of your time and one less thing to worry about.


90 minute hair treatment

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I have to admit, when I first heard about K+ Frizz Control I thought it was just another cheap, keratin “knock-off”. Not believing this product would live up to its claims. I'm glad I was wrong, because now I have way more manageable hair, without the frizz (and stinky formaldehyde). - Christie Ramos  

I'm so happy I found an option to control my frizz without using harsh chemicals on my hair. I loved the intense conditioner and how it made my hair very soft. The product made my hair soft without leaving it oily. I would recommend this product to other women, especially with my hair type! - Maria Ventura-Duque  

"This treatment rocks! My hair normally dries up with plenty of frizz, and it's always wavy... I would HIGHLY recommend this to everyone I did it right before my wedding and it lasted months after my honeymoon!" - Natalie Alvarez