Smooth and Sexy: Frizzy Hair Remedies

There are so many things that cause our hair to go Frizz! Humidity, heat, gym workout… Every time you sweat or come in contact with humidity you start to worry what it will do to your hair and how would you appear in 10 minutes. Even if you used keratin smoothing treatment, some of them still revert to their natural and unwanted condition. Here is some advice from the pros on how to control the frizz in your life and turn it into sexy, smooth hair.

Shampoo – The number one reason for frizzy hair is that the hair is too dry, damaged and brittle. Use shampoos that do not dry the hair (like those which contain alcohol).

Conditioner – Make sure you apply the conditioner from the roots down to the ends. You can add a little water to your conditioner so it will get deep into the roots. Some hair stylists believe that washing the conditioner off with cold water will seal the conditioner better.

Deep Conditioning – If your hair is prone to frizz, do an at-home treatment once in a while. Indulge in a deep conditioning treatment every six weeks or so. It makes the hair really shiny and helps smooth frizzy hair.

Hair drying – The most important element in the frizzy hair remedies playbook is how you dry your hair. Absorb the water from you hair, don’t rub it. Wrap the hair with a towel and squeeze it dry. When you blow dry you hair, do not whip it around or back and forth. That will make hair strands stand out. Instead direct the blow dryer nozzle from the top of your head down. Use a round brush and dry the hair is sections.

Humidity – When you know you are about to spend time in a humid situation and need to look good and composed without worrying about you hair – don’t shampoo it. The oils on the scalp make a good barrier for humidity. What you need to do it brush your hair well, to distribute the oils and use a flat iron to seal it in and style it.

Working out – When working out and sweating, make a braid or a bun instead of a tight ponytail. That will eliminate the mark of the hairband you’ll get when you remove it, and the frizz that will come from trying to eliminate the indentation. Dry you hair from the scalp down.

Styling – Here is some hair straightening strategy, try this and see if it works for you: Apply a little hard hold gel to the roots only, around the crown. While applying it to the whole hair might make you look as if you are wearing a helmet, applying it only to the roots and around the crown will make flying hair more manageable. You can try to use silicone serum which is water resistant and will prevent the moisture from getting into the hair. Make sure you moisturize the hair before you apply silicone.

And if all fails and you can’t stand the few flying hairs, use some hair spray. Spray it on your hand, and run your palm from the root down over the few hairs that stand out. This will make them heavier and lying still.


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