What is Chemical Hair Straightening Treatment and Does it Work?

What a strange animal we human beings are! It seems we are never fully happy with what is given to us, and we spend a copious amount of time trying to change it. Some things we are powerless to change, but some become more and more available with advances in technology.
Take hair treatment for example. For generations, women in the Western world, who had mostly straight hair, tried to make it wavy with the help of crazy contraptions and harsh chemicals. Women who tried to straighten their hair in the past 30 years spent hours with harsh chemicals on their heads that sometimes caused skin burns.

Thermal Reconditioning ( Japanese Straightening): The hair is saturated with a solution containing a chemical that breaks the bonds that give each strand its shape. It is them rinsed, blow-dried and flatironed. Once a neutralizer is applied the hair is locked into this new straight configuration. The process can take up to eight hours the first time, touch-ups require three to four hours. For three days after the treatment, you can’t get your hair wet or do anything kink inducing and while your hair will now be sleek and shiny you are left with one styling option: bone-straight. Even curling irons or hot rollers won’t restore volume or wave. Cost: $ 500 to $ 1,500.

Relaxer: Can soften coarse tight curls. It uses strong chemicals compounds that breaks various bonds in the hair. The solution is left for up to 20 minutes, rinsed and neutralized. Cost: $ 50-$ 250.

Chemical hair straightening treatment can be done in a short period of time and with predictable and fabulous results that last an extended period of time.

Keratin is a protein and what our hair is made of. It is the substance that makes the outer layer of our skin and is a key structural component in hair and nails. Keratin treatment fills the gaps of the hair cuticles that are cracked, dry or damaged which is why it is one of the better dry hair remedies resulting in smooth, silky hair. Keratin treatments go by many names; Brazilian Keratin treatment, Keratin complex, and many more.

The process is really simple but should be done by a professional

  • The hair is shampooed with salt free shampoo to remove all products and to open the cuticles of the hair.
  • It is blown dry.
  • Keratin solution is applied to the hair and combed through to get to every strand of hair.
  • The hair is blown dry again.
  • The hair is straightened with a flat iron.
  • For 3 days after the keratin hair treatment the hair should be kept straight, without putting it in a ponytail of even behind the ears.

But after that, you can expect 2-3 months of straight and shiny hair that does not frizz, stray or becomes unruly even after you washed your hair and let it air dry! No more flat irons in the morning before going to work, no more worries when the air is humid that your hair will curl back up, no more being afraid of a few drops of rain. Your hair will continue being straight in all its shinning glory.

What is special about keratin treatment?

Unlike other methods, The Japanese System for hair straightening for example, which changes the structures of the hair bonds with chemicals and heat, the Brazilian keratin treatment adds keratin to the hair and seals it with the heat.
Keratin hair straightening treatment can be used by people from different ethnic backgrounds with curly, kinky and wavy hair. It can be done on colored and highlighted hair. In fact it helps seal in the color for a longer period of time.
It is a great method for African American women who want to go back from relaxed hair to natural. They can smooth the transition out, until their hair is in the desired length.

Keratin treatment does not ruin the hair. It supplements it with additives that make your hair look as you want it to look.

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